How to wear shapewear in the most appropriate manner?

Women always had a tendency to look slim and know how to wear shapewear.

There is a massive difference between being slim and looking like you are. This is something many people fail to understand these days.

To put it in simple words a person need not necessarily be slim to look slim. It can be achieved by knowing how to wear shapewear available in the market. It is commonly known as the magic garment that shows you off to be slimmer than you really are.


However, there is no harm in looking slim and fit if that is what you intend to look. By wearing these clothes, you can look better with a good figure. A lot of people including celebrities choose to use this type of clothing to look slim.

If you choose to use these types of garments you should also be aware of how to wear shapewear right. This would ensure that the desired goal is achieved without causing any physical or internal harm to your body.

It is important for you to remember that different shapewear have different reasons. You should be clear about what your ultimate goal of wearing a shapewear is. This would help you choose, pick, and wear the most appropriate of them at all times without problems.

In this article below, you can find some tips on how to wear shapewear in the best manner possible. It would also enable you to purchase or choose them according to what you wear outside of them. Following these tips can help you look slimmer with relevant ease.

Things to Consider

You would have to first consider how to wear shapewear with the outer wear that you are using. If the outfit does not go well with the shapewear the whole concept of wearing it would be lost. So, always it is a good idea to consider what your outfit is.

By selecting the best foundation to suit your outfit you are able to go out in style almost on a daily basis. Enhancing your natural shape or making you look slimmer is the basic goal of wearing this shapewear.

Wearing Shapewear Correctly

Anyone wearing a shapewear and saying they are not bothered about the style factor should be lying through their teeth. The concept of wearing a shapewear is to look stylish, elegant, slimmer, and sexy. So, we look at how to wear shapewear that would go with different outfits that you can wear.

  • Waist Trainer: These come in two different designs and one has a hook and the other does not. However, wearing both have their similarities in more ways than one. Both of them would be a little difficult to wear when you do so for the first time. Once you start wearing them for a while, they would begin to stretch making things easier for you. You would always have to wear waist trainers from bottom to top and not otherwise. With the ones with the hook you would have to begin to hook them from the bottom all the way up. If you are using one without hooks then you should pull them up to your abdomen. Once your abdomen is covered you know how to wear shapewear with your outfit and are ready to go.
  • Body Shaper: This can be one of the trickier things to wear for most women if they do not know how to do it right. Wearing your bra first be your first step before you wear the body shaper. After you wear your bra you would have to have the body shaper rolled inside out. Keeping the direction intact you can put them on feet first moving slowly towards the upper part of the body. The method should be the same as you wear a pair of shorts. Once it is up to your abdomen, you can move the insides of the shaper outside to fit you right. This has to go all the way up to your arms and down to your thighs. If you have a shoulder strap it is advised that you put them on before moving the shaper to the thighs.

Remember, how to wear shapewear might differ from one to another. So, it is important to know which one you have purchased and wear them accordingly.


Types of Outfits to Use

There are a variety of outfits that can be worn on top of shapewear that you wear inside. We take a list of the outfits and tell you what type of shapewear would go well with them. This would help you understand how you can wear shapewear with ease.

  • Skinny Jeans: Using a control thong would be an ideal fit that goes well with skinny jeans. This provides both tummy control and prevents showing of a pancake bum.
  • Fitted Sweater or T-shirt: Wearing a control bodysuit with an elongated thong back would go well with either of these outfits.
  • Pencil Skirt: The use of shaping shorts would be the ideal fit for this outfit.
  • Body Conscious Dress: Shaping slip that is invisible and does not ride up or compress your bust would be the ideal shapewear.
  • Slip Dress: A control brief would be the ideal fit for this outfit. It helps you feel smooth as well as tucked in.
  • Low Cut Top: Wearing a bottom that is high-waisted would be the ideal option. It can either be a thong, half-slip, brief, or a short.

These are some of the common combinations that are worn even by celebrities. To have the same kind of look you can choose to use these combinations as well with ease. You get help on the internet on how to wear shapewear if your choice outfits do not match the above.


One has to remember that each person has a body that is unique in a different manner. A shapewear that fits one need not necessarily fit or suit you. So, selecting and knowing how to wear shapewear according to your body is quite essential.

If you wear the shapewear according to your body, outfit, and color of clothes then you would easily look chic. Always remember the above-mentioned tips so that you look at your best for daily wear or for special occasions.

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