How to look thinnier in a dress without much effort

If you want to know how to look thinnier in a dress and do not have the body for it then this information can help you.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve the looks that you had always dreamed about.

It is quite communal for women that the desire of their heart does not go along with their body shape. Weight loss, looking slimmer, fitter, healthy, and curvy are common for women despite the age they belong to.

This is not a mistake as looking good always has its own advantages irrelevant of you being married or single. So, wearing nice looking clothes and looking at your best is always a desire that most women have.

There are a few things that you would always have to keep in mind to ensure you look good. To accomplish this, you would not have to try too hard but be wise instead. Following a strict diet and working hard in the gym will help but takes time.

Instead to make things happen faster for you it is better to choose some of the below mentioned options. Tips on how to look thinnier in a dress can help with instantaneous results that will surprise you and others.

How to look thinnier: use Shapewear

Using a shapewear is one of the easiest and most affordable ways on how to look thinnier in a dress. There are different types of shapewear that you can choose to use in order to look thinner. They range from upper garments to lower ones that you can choose to use.


By doing this you are helping yourself look in good shape, size, and attractive at the same time. Achieving thinner looks is always made easy when you choose the most appropriate shapewear for your outfits.

How to look thinnier: Right Undergarments

Select a lingerie store of high-quality and select your undergarments so that unflattening bulges do not pop out. This applies for both your bra as well as your panties. If you are wearing the right undergarments you would always look much slimmer than you are.

If you wish to wear tights then you should choose to use undergarments accordingly too. Wearing a G-string, thong, nylons, or a seamless underwear can ensure they do not show through your dress.

This is very important aspect when it comes to dressing right and looking thinner. So, always select your undergarments that are of the best quality. The quality applies both for the material as well as the stitch that comes with it.

How to look thinnier in a dress and Tights


Know how to look thinnier in a dress by wearing tights that are opaque and black in color would suit most seasons. This is because it would help your legs look slimmer and longer without much effort. You can compliment this look with wearing a jacket of sorts along with your basic outfit.

How to look thinnier: Wearing V-Neckline Dresses

If you have a midsection that you are not proud of then you should choose to wear a v-neckline dress. This essentially takes the attention from your waist upward towards your face, neck, and shoulder.

Furthermore, if you have broad thighs and hips a wide V-neck it would help you look much slimmer. It helps create an illusion of having a longer body and slimmer waistline. Thus, your question on how to look thinnier in a dress are answered the best way possible.

Structured Dress

Opting to wear a top that is bright and dark from the waist helps bring attention to the top. This can essentially help women who do not possess a slim body from the waist down. It makes them look slimmer by a large extent.

One Colored and how to look thinnier  in a Dress

This is one of the oldest tricks that are ever to be used by women. The good part is that it works well even these days. Choosing to wear dark colored dress in one piece helps to look thin and lean. You can choose black which is considered best or other dark color options.

It helps create a vertical and long line that shows you fitter and slimmer. There are loads of women who still use this technique for enhancing their looks these days. You can choose navy blue, green, and oxblood dress colors according to the occasion.

How to look thinnier in a Dress with Vertical Stripes

Using dresses with vertical stripes is another age-old trick that women have been using for quite a while now. In simple terms vertical stripes or lines make you look longer, taller, and thus slimmer.

High-Rise Jeans

Wearing high-rise jeans has its own advantages that many people are not aware of. Slim-fitting, slightly high-rise, and ankle hitting are the best ones you can choose to wear. This would make people believe that you are thinner than you really are.

Proportions Matter and how to look thinnier in a Dress?

Wearing a loose t-shirt with tight jeans or trousers can work well to your advantage. This can go along well with high-rise jeans too if worn properly. Although this trick dates a long time back it still works wonders for most women.

Wearing Accessories

This is also a common trick that people fail to use these days. Wearing accessories such as a jacket, wearing shoes to match your skin color, and wearing a long necklace can help. Avoid using a choker that can make you look fatter than you are.

You may also choose to wear bracelets and other accessories to your hands to draw attention to them. Wearing a belt is also considered a good option for many people who wish to look slim and fit.

Bright Colored Tops

The last one among on how to look thinnier in a dress would be to wear bright colored tops. This is also a common trick that you can try to look slimmer and thinner. It should however be complimented with the ideal colored dresses in the lower half of your body.

Bright colored dresses that are loose often help distract the attention of people on to the top of your body. These can be complimented with tight bottoms or lower dresses like trousers or skirts.


By following these tips, you can do a quick makeover without spending too much money or time. Always ensure that you choose the ones that suit you the best and not try to look like others on how to look thinnier in a dress.

If you prefer to look like someone else then it is likely that you would lose your originality. This is why it is considered best to wear dresses that are ideal for you by following these simple tips.

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