How can i make my stomach flat?

Having a flat stomach is the desire of most women.

Apart from the fact that a big stomach disfigures you, it’s also bad for your body because it can lead to health issues. Bulgy stomach compresses your organs like the bladder and this may cause urinary conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for “how do I make my stomach flat” solutions, you will find it in this article.


What causes a big stomach?

There are different reasons why people have a big stomach. One is obesity, and others could be genetic and underlining sickness. Lack of working out, stagnant living, overeating, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, are other causes of belly fat.

Belly fat arises when there is an excess accumulation of fats in the waist region and it is shown by bulginess which is usually unsightly as it makes one look disfigured. Big waistline gives the impression of pregnancy, and if you are not pregnant, it’s is embarrassing when people look at you and think you are.

Belly fat isn’t good for you:

Apart from destroying your physical look or figure, belly fat may also lead to stroke, diabetics, liver problems, heart attacks, breast cancer, asthma, etc.

Cause of belly fat:

In this section, you will learn more about the cause of belly fat. If you know the cause of a problem, chances are you can easily solve it. So, without further ado, below are some causes of belly fat:


This is a major cause of belly fat. When you overeat, your body stores excess fat that causes bulginess around your stomach region. The reason for the bulginess is as a result of fat being stored on the organs that are found in your abdominal regions like liver, etc.

Excess alcohol intake: 

According to a 2015 report about the consumption of obesity and alcohol, the Journal on obesity reports shows that the excess intake of alcohol can trigger weight gain in males around the abdominal region; but the result in women is not consistent.


Lack of exercise or inactivity is another major cause of belly fat. It is believed that simply making a routine 30 minutes walk daily can burn fats in your stomach. Add walking to another workout, you have a wonderful recipe for waist fat blast.

A lot of people have tried many other ways to lose weight, and because of the difficulty of exercising, they opt for less stressful alternatives like taking pills, starvation, etc. The fact is there is no meaningful full weight loss routine without exercise.

Exercise does not just help you to lose waist fats, it also helps to tighten or tone the muscles making it look slick and slim. Exercises are also the reason for a six-pack in men. If you desire to eliminate fat and bring out the beautiful outline of your body shape, exercise is the way to go.


Stress also causes stomach fat. It releases the stress hormone which is believed to cause the accumulation of fat in the stomach region. So, want to avoid belly fat, think happy thoughts, engage in activities that make you relax and happy. Never dwell on the bad stuff that you cannot handle.

Not wearing body shapers:

Do you know that not wearing shape wears can cause weight gain in the stomach? Yes, seating for long especially if you are the type that seats all day to work can cause waist fast. Excessive seating forces your stomach to bulge out, but when you wear shapewear, it tightens and prevents bulginess.

So, wear shapers to look and feel trim always.

Poor sleep:

How many hours of sleep do you have daily? The recommended time is at least 8 hours daily? When last did you sleep for straight 4 hours? A lot of people have a poor sleeping habits. The reason could be due to insomnia, restlessness, overwork, etc. If you are not sleeping well, this could be the reason you have a big belly. So, now you know, try to get adequate sleep daily. Sleeping makes you relax and promote the happy hormone which is opposite to the stress hormone.


If you have a family member with a big waistline, there is a likelihood that you will also have one. Fortunately, you can change the situation by following these waist fat burning ideas discussed below.

How to lose belly fat?

Fortunately, stomach fat is not a terminal sickness; you can fight it and eliminate it for good. But it takes hard work and some sacrifices.

Wearing body shapers:

Wearing body shapers always is a lazy way of losing waist fast, but the disadvantage is, the result is slow, but it works. If you have a habit of constantly putting on shapewear, you force your abdomen into a tight condition and also force yourself to eat less. 

When you compress your stomach with shapers, you are unconsciously reminding yourself about the need to eat less and lose weight. Additionally, the tight-fitting fabric produces a thermal heat that helps to burn fat and tone the muscle.

Wearing body shapers encourages you to workout. You have the feeling of “I am doing it” when you feel sweaty due to thermal heat production. Constantly combining workout with wearing body shapes produces a magical result in due course.



Destroy belly fat with low and intensity daily work out. It works. Stagnant lifestyle produces serious health issues like weight gain. People that are attempting to lose weight should add a good workout routine to their program.

When you combine a workout with high-intensity exercise, cardio, and wearing shapewear, the result is magical.

Eliminate stress: 

Exercise and sleep produce the feel-good hormone that counters stress. So, if you think working less or having more sleep isn’t sensible in your current condition, then opt for cardio, wearing shapewear, and eating a balanced diet as a solution. 

However, if you can afford to have good sleep, work less, great!

Just make sure you combine it with wearing shapewear, workout, and eating the right food. Doing this regularly will help you lose body and abdominal fat in no time!

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